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Stack Magazine (Shortlisted)

Stack Magazine (Shortlisted)

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It’s Freezing in LA! #6: Greenwashing

The sixth issue of It's Freezing in LA! looks at various forms of greenwashing. Politicians make hollow promises to support clean energy while simultaneously funding polluting industries. Greenwashing serves economic interests, suppresses genuine activist platforms, and conceals colonial atrocities. But even well-meaning environmental initiatives can unknowingly engage in greenwashing by focusing on limited issues and failing to address the intersectional problems within the climate movement. The articles in IFLA!’s sixth issue explore all these facets of greenwashing and aim to offer a new, more genuine path forward.

The orange and blue graphic theme of IFLA! 6 reflects on the idea of ‘washing’, by looking at the process of coral bleaching. As surface temperatures of the seas rise each year, the colour is washed out of coral reefs. This happens as colourful algal cohabitants are expelled by the heat, turning reefs a deathly white colour. A central data spread presents a timeline of coral bleaching over the years alongside solutions for preserving the ocean’s reefs.

Cover - It’s Freezing in LA! #6: Greenwashing'Coral Bleaching' graphic spread - It’s Freezing in LA! #6: Greenwashing
Editorial design with writing by Aron Penczu - It’s Freezing in LA! #6: GreenwashingEditorial design with illustrations by Sammi Lynch - It’s Freezing in LA! #6: Greenwashing

Creative direction: Matthew Lewis, and Nina Carter
Graphic design: Matthew Lewis
Art editor: Nina Carter

Design assistant: Aleksander Hamid

Editor: Martha Dillon
Deputy editor: Jackson Howarth

Research and data: Seb Casalotti

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