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Stack Magazine (Shortlisted)

Stack Magazine (Shortlisted)

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It’s Freezing in LA! #7: Regeneration

The seventh issue of It’s Freezing in LA! explores the theme of Regeneration with writing on a variety of topics about enviromentalism in its contemporary form. Example articles look at online climate activism, artists challenging conventional narratives about oil politics, and the commodification of nature. New ideas are explored, with writing on slow fashion in the South Asian diaspora, and the history and future of sustainable death care.

Reflecting on regeneration as a theme, Issue 7’s graphic identity focuses on ice cores, long cylindrical samples of ice which form from snow building up over generations. Scientists study the contents of air bubbles trapped between the grains to retrace historical atmospheric conditions. Scientist Dr. Joan Fitzpatrick shared a database of high-res microscopic imagery showing grains inside sections ranging from 140m to 3365m below the Earth’s surface. The images were colourised to create the graphic theme of the issue, and included on a central data spread to unpack what can be discovered from the ice core sections.

Cover - It’s Freezing in LA! #7: Regeneration'Ice cores' graphic spread - It’s Freezing in LA! #7: RegenerationEditorial design with writing by Natalya Falconer on artists Lydia Ourahmane and Jala Wahid - It’s Freezing in LA! #7: RegenerationEditorial design with illustration by Matthew Lewis - It’s Freezing in LA! #7: RegenerationGraphic novel by Jiye Kim - It’s Freezing in LA! #7: RegenerationIce core sections, animation - It’s Freezing in LA! #7: Regeneration

Creative direction: Matthew Lewis, and Nina Carter
Graphic design: Matthew Lewis
Art editor: Nina Carter

Design assistants: Aleksander Hamid and Olver Mettle

Art assistants: Laura Coutinho and Rosie Schofield

Editor: Martha Dillon
Deputy Editor: Jackson Howarth

Research and data: Sofia Palazzo-Corner
Thanks to: Dr. Joan Fitzpatrick

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