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Stack Magazine (Shortlisted)

Stack Magazine (Shortlisted)

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Smog at ArtVerona 2022

It’s Freezing in LA! was invited by PAGES to contribute to a section of italian art fair, ArtVerona 2022, about combining publishing and curation.

With the objective to represent themes of ecology, pollution and contemporary life in Italy during the climate crisis; the artist and illustrator Shana Pagano Lohrey was commissioned to create a body of over 100 artworks that respond to Smog, a 1958 a short story by Italo Calvino. Lohrey’s Drawings and paintings were digitally stitched together and presented in a Virtual Reality headset. The viewer was invited to experience Calvino’s text as if within the environment of the story, with an accompanying atmospheric urban sound scape.

Printed matter cataloguing artworks by Shana Pagano Lohrey - Smog at ArtVerona 2022

Virtual Reality headset in use - Smog at ArtVerona 2022

Creative direction: Matthew Lewis and Nina Carter
Artist: Shana Pagano Lohrey
Digital design: Pareys Bean
Sound design: Oscar Hollis

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